Our Process

While each spirit changes in base product and distilling time, the process remains largely the same.

Step 1:

We start with fresh-cold-pressed Washington apple cider.

Step 2:

We heat the cider to 95 degrees, pitch the yeast, and wait for the fermentation process to start.

Step 3:

In seven days when the fermenting stops, we do a stripping run in the still to separate the alcohol from the cider.

Step 4:

We do a finish run to separate the heads, hearts, and tails—the varying alcohol distillates—in the still. The heads are harsh and contain strong alcohol compounds, while the tails contain the lowest amount of alcohol. The hearts are the “heart” of the distillation process.

Step 5:

We redistill the hearts and tails one more time, and finally filter the finished hearts to complete our product.

Distiller Kim Johnson says for the perfect product, it all comes down to pitching the yeast and doing the final finish distilling. He says when done correctly, you have a smooth, good-tasting product that is easy to sip.